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- HEPTAflex ultra-flexible cool silver power wire
- 735 strands of high-grade CCA
- For systems up to 700 watts RMS
- Noise rejecting DUOtwist RCA cable
- FLEXIbrass MAXI / mini ANL fuse holder with 80amp mini ANL fuse installed
- Easy-open perforated packaging

Amp Kit Contects

17ft - 8AWG translucent power wire terminated on fuse end
3ft - 8AWG smoked ground wire terminated on one end
17ft - 18AWG solid blue remote turn-on wire
12ft - 12AWG dual color square/round speaker wire
1 - 17' DUOtwist V2 RCA cable
1 - V3 FLEXIbrass AGU fuse holder connected to power wire at 12" from terminated end
Also includes terminals, connectors, grommets, and wire ties for ease of installation